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Vixen Spotlight - Payton Dumford - OFF-ROAD VIXENS CLOTHING CO.

Vixen Spotlight - Payton Dumford

Payton Dumford:

Age 11


Hamilton, OH


Off Road Vixens, Freedom tires, Extreme Muddin, AJK Off Road, Drow Off Road, Lone star racing, GPS Wheels, Trail 15, Gear Grabber Shifters, Tilube oil racing

What sport/s do you participate in?

SXS Racing

How long have you been involved?

7 years

What do you like to do in addition to your sport?

I like to work on my RZR, go Hiking, Camping and Playing Video Games

What type of terrain is sport done on ie. (dirt track, drag strip, circle track, course, mud, snow)

Short Course and Endurance Track

How often and what do you do to practice?

As much as possible either with my rzr, at the go cart track or SIM racing

What series or events do you participate in?

Pro Rock Racing, Mid America Offroad, Maumee Dirt Series and Ultra 4

What classes do you compete in?

RZR 170 Limited

What are your short term goals?

Move up class to Youth 1000 and Continue to improve driving skills

Where do you see your future in this industry?

I see myself promoting youth racing and encouraging girls to follow their Dreams

Achievements / Milestones

Place 2nd in the Renegade racing series in 2020, Current points leader in Pro Rock Racing and Becoming an Off Road Vixen

What else should our readers know about you?

I build my own engines, My favorite colors are Blue and Pink and I love my racing family

What are your words of wisdom to other females in the industry that are reading this?

Always work hard even when Times get tough, Never stop chasing your Dream and Also Beat the boys
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