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Vixen Spotlight- Kim Laugsand - OFF-ROAD VIXENS CLOTHING CO.

Vixen Spotlight- Kim Laugsand

Kim Laugsand:

What is it you do that "Breaks The Mold" Hobby/Sport wise?

I'm an every season Off-Road Vixen. From snowmobiling and ice fishing to slinging sand at the dunes, crawling rocks and cruising forest service roads in my RZR, to cruising the lake and catching rays in my party barge. I'm out there demonstrating the Vixen life.

What are other hobbies/passions you enjoy?

Fishing, camping, hiking, boating, snowmobiling, side by siding, taking people out on club rides in their side by sides.

What drew you to Off Road Vixens?

Because I'm living the lifestyle of an Off-Road Vixen. I absolutely love promoting a women owned company that promotes bad ass women to get outdoors and where the bad ass gear.

What does being An Off Road Vixen Brand Ambassador mean to you?

I'm very proud and honored to show and tell everyone about this company. It means that it's my responsibility to be positive and lead the way for women that are thinking of doing things in the beautiful outdoors.

What are your short term goals?

To continue to spread the word about Off-Road Vixens.

Where do you see your future in this industry?

Continue to get people involved and the positively that comes from that. To continue doing club rides and staying active on social media.

Achievements / Milestones

Getting so many people to buy toys and get out and live life. Work Hard, Play Harder.

What else should our readers know about you?

I'm a very positive person who enjoys motivating people.

What are your words of wisdom to other females in the industry that are reading this?

Just because you're a female don't let that stop you from playing hard in the outdoors.



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