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Brand Ambassador - Cassie Outlaw - OFF-ROAD VIXENS CLOTHING CO.

Brand Ambassador - Cassie Outlaw

"Hey Y’all, Cassie with my fellow Outlaw here to tell you what being an Off Road Vixen means to me. To me it means being bold and not being afraid to stand out from the rest. It also means helping break those typical stereotypes in the female off road industry. There’s still a lot of people out there that think that girls can’t ride very hard, they can’t ride as hard as the boys, we’re too afraid to get dirty. Well we are here to show everybody that that is not the case. Girls can ride just as hard, if not harder than the boys. We’re not afraid to get a little dirt underneath our fingernails, or get covered in mud from head to toe, whatever you prefer. Being an Off Road Vixen also means I’m able to show future Off Road Vixens that it’s okay to stand out from the rest. If you wanna compete in any off road activities, if you wanna engage in any off road activities, go for it, don’t let anybody or anything stop you. I mean, if I had a dollar for every time somebody made fun of me for being a girl and owning a jeep or call me a Barbie or told me I was dumb for owning this thing, I’d be rich and this thing would be fully built by now. So don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Being an Off Road Vixen, don’t take no for an answer, if you want it go get it."


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