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Vixen Spotlight- Becki Wheeler

Becki Wheeler


  • Montour Falls, NY
  • 34 Years Old
  • ATV Hare Scrambles.
  • "My husband (boyfriend at the time) raced and I thought it was pretty cool. I'm a natural born adrenaline junky so naturally I wanted to try it!"


She has been racing for 11 years, and mentoring the younger generation, teaching them to be better than her. 


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Duke Motors Racing (DMR)
  • Fresch Threads
  • Rocket Ron Suspension
  • Cylinder Works
  • Pivot Works
  • Hot Rods
  • Vertex Pistons
  • Wrench Rabbit
  • Hot Cams
  • All Balls Racing 


Win the 2018 WNYOA Women's Class Championship. Finish Top 30 in the Year End Overalls


I'm currently the only momma running our series full time!!! I've won a few championships in the past, been a Rider Rep and Vice President for the WNYOA Series for a few years.

Words of Wisdom:

"I truly believe the heart is the strongest muscle in the body. If you put your whole heart into something, you will come out stronger than you went in. Your mind will tell you quit, to give up, long before your heart ever does. Also, you will never fail, but instead will learn (unless you choose to perceive the situation as a failure). The power of perception is the ultimate weapon in this game of life. Use it wisely! :)"

Side Note:

She is so inspired by the other Moto Mommas---Alicia McCormick, Traci Pickens, etc....The way they are able to be so successful on the track and awesome mommas off the track, that just fuels her to want to be better!!

She loves mentoring the younger generation "I currently line up next to a few chicks who give me a run for my money week after week---the same ones I taught how to beat me years ago."

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