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Vixen Spotlight- Stevie Welte

Stevie Welte:


  • From Lake Havasu City Arizona
  • 6 Years Old
  • "I was given a Balance bike at 1 year old and it just took off from there."


Stevie has been riding BMX for 3 Years! She races twice a week and train the other days unless they are out of town at an event. And not when it's 120° out.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Answer Racing
  • FahQ Racing
  • Atlas Brace XBrand/EKS goggles
  • Cycle Therapy Bikes
  • Beat the Heat Custom Solar Window Screens


Some of Stevie's goals include: 2018 she is looking for top 5 in District, a Arizona State Championship, a Gold Cup Championship, and to continue making main events at Nationals she attends. 

As for long term she hopes to become a brand ambassador for BMX products and supporting the brands that support her.


  • 2017 5 & Under Girl Expert Arizona State Champion, top 10 in District

Words of Wisdom:

"I would like to encourage girls to go out and do what they are passionate about. Break down the walls, don't let stereotypes stop you! Girls Get Dirty Too!"

Side Note:

"I'm a fun loving little girl that can't help from dancing every time I hear music. I prefer to be in the garage or in the dirt. Playing make up is not for me.

I also enjoy rock crawling in my dad's jeep, ride horses, swim, go boating, play with my dog Morlee and tormenting my parents."

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