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Vixen Spotlight- Steph Taylor

Steph Taylor:


  • From Milford, OH
  • 34 Years Old
  • "I started out trail riding my quad and doing wheelies for fun. Then I saw people drag racing and gave it a shot. I felt like a natural and have been trying to be the fastest ever since. Paul Moore and Dewey Harness make being a part of the Moore Racing team fun and enjoyable."


Steph has been drag racing for 11 years. She practices once a month. 


  • Moore Racing
  • Nitrous Outlet
  • Wossner Pistons
  • Off-Road Vixens


Steph's goals are to "lower [her] personal fastest time from 3.02 to 2.99 seconds in 300 feet. In the Pro Sand Drag Association there has only been 3 people to get in the "2's", and no one on a 4 wheeler yet"

Her long time goal is to be "in the top 5 fastest of the nation and holding multiple class records"


  • Track record at Port Huron Motor Cycle club, 4 national association records with Pro Sand Drags, fastest person in the Pro Sand Drag Association on all motor (no power adders).

Words of Wisdom:

"Practice makes perfect, do not get discouraged and dwell on is a chance to learn, get up and try again"

Side Note:

Steph likes to be a role model for the young girls that are showing they can compete with the boys. 


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