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Vixen Spotlight- Payton Reynolds

Payton Reynolds:


  • Harvard, Idaho
  • 8 Years Old
  • " I love my race family and I look up to all of them."


This is her second year riding motocross. 


  • University Collision
  • Jesse & Alison Weigley
  • Jess Ford
  • ED-KA
  • Jake's Machine & Repair
  • 3K Ranch
  • Pops
  • Off Road Vixens


Payton's goal is to ride for the rest of her life. 


  • 50cc 1st Place-St Joe Cycle Series 2017
  • 2nd Place-Yamaha Cup Series 2017
  • This year I am on a 65 because I am so tall. I have been getting better and better every race. I have brought home 3rds, 4ths, and 1 5th this year.

Words of Wisdom:

"Just because you're a girl doesn't mean that you can't do it! You have to believe in yourself and never give up, and the you will come out on top."

Side Note:

"My first race was a little ruff but I have come back every race and always show improvements. I am now hanging in the front with the fast boys. Its only a matter of time until I pass them.  I love Dirt bike racing and all the people that i have meet and became friends with. I appreciate my sponsors and all that they do to help me along the way. My dad, mom, Sister Jordan, and Brother Ryker are always cheering me on and there for me. I love my family."

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  • Payton,
    We are so proud of you!

    Kellie Jones
  • Go get em Payton!! You r the best!!


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