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Vixen Spotlight- Nikki Monroe

Nikki Monroe:


  • From Middleton, ID
  • 31 Years Old
  • "I was introduced as a young kid from my family. My biggest influence in snowmobiling is my brother Cody Monroe."


Nikki has been Backcountry Snowmobiling for 18+ years.


  • Off-Road Vixens


Nikki wants continue to attend more advanced clinics and ride with more advanced riders so she can learn constantly and continue to push herself every season. She would also love to ride in as many new areas as she can, places she have never been. Currently on the schedule for 2019 she will get to cross British Columbia & Chile off her list, she is SO excited!

She also "sees myself continuing to get more and more involved every season in the industry as a whole by gaining avalanche training and certifications, attending more events, riding with and helping more women get more involved and become more independent rider"


  • "I have met and surpassed the goals I set every single season."

Words of Wisdom:

"Just go for it! Remember that every single person out there had to start somewhere, so don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. Stay away anyone who is rude or talks down to you and find fun loving supportive women and push yourself to get out there on your own and truly experience what this sport can do for your soul. There is nothing quite like throttle therapy to cure the daily stresses of the day to day. Live life while you still have time! Take a clinic if you can every season and when you're out learning and you see that sweet line, take it! What is the worst that can happen?;)"

Side Note:

"I am a wife, mother and am very close with my family and friends. I am very outgoing and am always down for the next fun trip or adventure! I have in recent years met some of the coolest women from taking a trip to another country with 7 strangers I had never met and did it again last year, now its a yearly event! If you ever see me out or are in my area look me up, I am always down to meet new riding buddies. I love to meet new people from all over! :))

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