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Vixen Spotlight- Lisa Block

Lisa Block:


  • Lethbridge Alberta
  • 37 Years Old
  • Lisa's husband first introduced her to snowmobiling, and he is without a doubt Lisa's biggest influence, as well as her number one supporter.


Lisa has been snowmobiling for 8 years.

She has participated in many events close to home such as poker run fundraisers, family / ladies rides, and avalanche awareness days. 


  • Off-Road Vixens


"My short term goals are to continue to learn and push myself within the sport. I can see how far I've come and I'm excited to continue to grow."

"My 2 main future goals are to continue to be a positive influence for women in the sport. I can tell you first hand that snowmobiling doesn't come as easy to some as it does to others, and I think that's pretty important to keep in mind. I also want to continue to be a ambassador for back country safety and avalanche awareness."


  • I think my achievements have been every single time I find myself out of my comfort zone, because that can be scary and hard to overcome. From being so frustrated to the point where I wanting to quit the sport, to finding my confidence, to seeing some of the most incredible views on top of mountains  - that in itself is one of the biggest achievements for me.

Words of Wisdom:

"You got this!! Learning to ride can be full of frustration and tears, but don't give up. If at all possible take some time and find a ladies clinic or women's riding group. For me, finding ladies to ride with and learn from was one of the biggest contributors to where I am now. When you watch women ride, it really helps bring you to a feeling of "If she can do that, so can I!". It's a different learning experience, and you meet some pretty awesome friends in the process. And lastly be proud of those around you, but don't compare yourself to others - keep moving forward at your pace, and always be proud of your achievements, no matter how big or small! xoxo"



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