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Vixen Spotlight- Laura Lorali Henderson

Laura Lorali Henderson:


  • From Fond du Lac,WI
  • 50 Years Old
  • "A snowcross friend was racing the water circuit on the off season & got my husband involved into racing,after a couple of years of me helping out, hanging out in the pits, and complaining how I needed to give it a try , my friend & husband surprised me & got me set up & made it happen!"


Laura has been participating in Snowmobile waterx for 10 years.

She doesn't have the opportunity to practice so she just goes for it on race day!


  • Off Road Vixen
  • Motorfist
  • SPY
  • Pro Motorsports of Fond du lac
  • HMK
  • Ogio
  • Snowstuds


Laura's goal is to enjoy life. 


  • Grantsburg championship she won a 5th,4th, 3rd & a 2nd place over the years racing!
  • Second in season points for 2012

Words of Wisdom:

"Believe in yourself, love yourself & who you are at this very moment and know you can do anything you put your heart into & keep pushing! You ARE stronger than you realize! Ride the wave!"

Side Note:

"Unfortunately it is getting quite expensive to race & we only race for trophies so it is very sad to say we will not be having much of a future with racing. I have so appreciated the sponsors & friends who have stood by us & cheered us on and had such a fabulous time but at the age of 50 it's time to focus on grand babies (2000 miles away) and winter snowmobiling."

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