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Vixen Spotlight- Kaydence Snell

Kaydence Snell:


  • From Spokane, WA
  • 11 Years Old
  • She was always around bikes and was basically raised at the track.


Kaydence has been riding motocross for 6 years. She practices weekly.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Bar Bangers Racing
  • Fly Racing
  • Skull Candy
  • Guts Racing
  • Cascade Rain Gutters


"I want to work with the girls I look up to, they help me be a better rider and I’ve learned a lot from them."

"I would love to be a women’s pro rider but anything I can do to help increase the opportunities for girls who ride."


Every time I gain a new skill, clear a new jump, get faster around a corner. I have won a couple series or come in as a top 3 rider but I think the biggest accomplishments are challenging myself to try something that scares me and working at it until I get it down.

Words of Wisdom:

"Never give up, always try, even when you feel defeated. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and always get back on your bike. Never let them see you cry."

Side Note:

I have 3 siblings, but my brother Riley and I are the only kids that race. I also do good in school and I want to go to Harvard Medical School and become a surgeon when I grow up.

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  • We love Kaydence! Her smile and determination are a winning combo and inspiration to all young ladies!

    Tina Weis

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