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Vixen Spotlight- Jessica Carter

Jessica Carter:


  • From Powell, WY
  • 38 Years Old
  • "I first fell in love with backcountry snowmobiling during spring break in college back in 2000. We would spend spring break in Jackson Hole Wyoming riding and knew I was hooked after these trips."


Jessica has been backcountry snowmobiling for 6 years. In the winter she rides almost every weekend sometimes 3 days a week.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Extreme Realities Design
  • Blenders Sunglasses
  • DSG Outerwear Legacy Ambassador


"I would like to continue working on becoming a more fluent technical rider. In the future I truly hope to see myself inspiring other women to push themselves a little bit harder, fulfilling their love for what ever passion sets their soul on fire."


My Achievements would be hosting the Backcountry Ladies Scholarship Ride each year. To me being able to bring women from all over together to raise money to support other like minded women is pretty awesome!

Words of Wisdom:

"Always be that person that helps lift other women up in the industry. Be encouraging, supportive, and kind. Second, life is so short if your unhappy about something change it, if you have goals rock them, if you have dreams follow them! Never give up!"

Side Note:

"I run and own Extreme Realities Design, it's a vinyl wrap business which is pretty fun because its a pretty male dominated profession and I am loving it!"

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