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Vixen Spotlight- Heidi Koerschgen

Heidi Koerschgen:


  • From Albany, OR
  • 33 Years Old
  • " I grew up in small country area called Otis Oregon outside of Lincoln City Oregon. The neighbor boys were always riding bikes I begged my dad for a bike when I was a teen finally got a 1987 xr 80. The neighbor boys raced so after riding around in fields for awhile I talked my dad into taking me with the neighbors and was hooked ever since."


Heidi has been riding dirt bikes on and off for 13 years. 
She practices as often as she can, that usually means just the weekends if shes lucky. 


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Power
  • Apex
  • JMR


"I'd like to try the triple crown in ca, new tracks, and before I slow down on riding id like to accomplish making it to lorretas or getting a pro licenses"


  • 2018 3rd in women's sportsman at top gun
  • 7th at amateur nationals in women's B at Washougal Washington
  • 1st Amsoil AX

Words of Wisdom:

"Never let anyone discourage you from doing something you enjoy. Your not to old to pursue your dreams. you also have to start somewhere we all started as beginners. Be positive, and have fun"

Side Note:

Heidi really enjoys the support and fun that comes with being in the moto community. She is glad she has been able to be apart of it. 

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