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Vixen Spotlight- Cassidy Shaver - OFF-ROAD VIXENS CLOTHING CO.

Vixen Spotlight- Cassidy Shaver

Cassidy Shaver:

Age: 23


Billings, MT


Off-Road Vixens, Elevated Powersports, Flow Vision, THMX, Deja Moto, Midway Auto and RV, Mom & Dad

What sport/s do you participate in?

Motocross and Hillclimb

How long have you been involved?

About 17 years

What do you like to do in addition to your sport?

I like to do CrossFit 5 days a week, compete in CrossFit competitions, pet dogs, drink coffee, camp, and hangout with my family and friends.

What type of terrain is sport done on ie. (dirt track, drag strip, circle track, course, mud, snow)

Dirt (motocross tracks and hills)

How often and what do you do to practice?

I try to practice on the weekends that we are not racing by riding the tracks, hills, and trails at the Billings Motorcycle Club and by riding the trails at Pipestone OHV Area.

What series or events do you participate in?

I participate in both the NAHA and Rockwell Pro Hillclimb series and race motocross around MT.

What classes do you compete in?

Hillclimb: Women's Pro, Women's Stock; Motocross: Women's A/Women's Open

What are your short term goals?

I hope to end up on the podium in the Women's Pro for both the NAHA and Rockwell Pro Hillclimb series for the 2022 season.

Where do you see your future in this industry?

I see myself being involved in riding for as long as possible. I would love to teach women how to ride and grow the number of females involved in the sport.

Achievements / Milestones

The achievement that I am most proud of is qualifying and competing at the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Championship. I also have two Montana and two Wyoming Women's motocross state championships. As far as hillclimbing goes, I landed in 3rd place in the NAHA Pro Hillclimb Series for the 2021 season after just missing the podium in 2020.

What else should our readers know about you?

Pipestone OHV Area is my absolute favorite place ever, and I would live there if I could!

What are your words of wisdom to other females in the industry that are reading this?

Do what sets your soul on fire regardless of what anyone else thinks, and never stop dreaming!
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