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Vixen Spotlight- Candice Adsero

Candice Adsero:


  • From Bonney Lake, WA
  • 32 Years Old
  • "My dad bought dirt bikes for him and my brother, but my brother never got into it. I pretty much adopted his bike."


Candice has rode motocross for 16 years and participated in racing Off-Road for 2 years.


  • Off-Road Vixens,
  • JJW Designs
  • One10 Clothing
  • Fly Racing


"Not have a broken arm. But once that’s healed my goal is to get back into race shape and be able to run with the top women in the expert class. I had just moved up to the expert class this year after breaking my arm in October and only racing off-road for about a year and a half. I unfortunately re broke it in June."

"I just love being at the races and around people that love the sport. I really enjoy encouraging and helping other women and girls to get involved whether it’s giving them pointers, giving them my old gear or just riding with them. Maybe some day I will raise a family in the community."


"When I was younger I won several motocross series championship, but due to several injuries and college I quit racing for a while. Recently I started racing off-road and love it. I continue to improve when I am not broken with my trail riding skills and results!"

Words of Wisdom:

"Don’t worry about anyone else. Don’t worry about how slow you may think you are. Worry about if you are having fun and focus on improving yourself. Even small improvements. Just fall in love with the sport and community!"

Side Note:

Candice races because she think it’s fun and she loves the community! she loves to push herself and improve. Also if you see her around don’t be afraid to say hi! She is quite shy but warms up quickly.

Outside of racing she loves being outside enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

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  • You Rock!

  • One amazing chick!

    Mischelle Adsero
  • One amazing chick!

    Mischelle Adsero

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