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Vixen Spotlight- Alexa Whitlock

Alexa Whitlock:


  •  Santaquin, UT
  • 19 Years Old
  • I was introduced to hill climbing from my dad (Travis Whitlock) It has been a family sport and has been passed on from generation to generation, it is in the Whitlock blood.


"Riding since I was born, racing since I was 5"


  • Whitlock Racing
  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Whitlock Collision
  • Octane Addiction 
  • Gunslinger  


To win another championship and pass the sport down to her future family. 


  • 2017 Woman's Pro NAHA champion. 2015 Mini Pro champion.

Words of Wisdom:

"Dolls with balls baby! And anyone can do it if they try."

Side Note:

"There are many that have influenced me, however one person have stood out, my father, Travis. (3 time world champion, 14 time NAHA champion.) He has taught me everything I know about racing. He has shown me what great sportsmanship is, along with following your passion. But the one thing I will always remember is, it's all about having fun!"

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