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How To Make The Most Out of Off-Roading; Tips and Tricks

Off-roading can be a fun, exhilarating adventure that features high on the bucket list of any adrenaline junkie. There is nothing quite like canvassing rocky terrain and navigating difficult bends, all the while managing your speed and vehicle. That said, even for experienced drivers, well-versed Jeep girls, and die-hard fast girls, off-roading is not without its risks. 

An accident could see you stranded off-road, injured, or facing the prospect of an expensive bill. While your specific technique or strategy will vary in line with the nuisance of your off-roading route and obstacles, some universal principles can be applied regardless of the situation. While theory can never replace the actual off-road experience, having an instinctive and background knowledge of off-roading can make all the difference in helping you make the most out of your off-roading. So here are some helpful tips and tricks to up your off-roading game, 

Get Your Gears Down Low

Your off-roading terrain will often require you to cover steep inclines, rocks, and reduced traction terrains. The best way for you to master this successfully and safely is to be in a low gear range if your vehicle has it. If it doesn’t, then get your vehicle into the lowest gear available.

Don’t Be Foolish

Although it is a fun pastime, off-roading can be a dangerous hobby. If you are that driver spinning wheels, using excessive speeds, and generally driving in a purposefully unsafe way, you will not find favor with your fellow Jeep girls and off-road vixens. This type of reckless and haphazard driving will only serve to result in increased restrictions being imposed by those who disapprove of the sport. This behavior will give the sport a bad name. That is not to say you cannot be a fast girl by name and by nature. By all means, get yourself out of the course, test your vehicle’s limits in places others can’t go, and just do it mindfully.

Dress Appropriately

Whatever your off-roading of choice, whether you are a jeep girl, dirt-bike fanatic, motocross lover, or snowmobile pro, getting yourself in the appropriate attire can have more of an effect than you might think. When it comes to your offroad apparel, you want to get it right. Dressing the part can do wonders for the mental aspect of off-roading. It can help to get your mindset right, get your head in the game, improve confidence and focus and leave you feeling like a true off-roading champ. Getting your offroad apparel spot on is everything from the best offroad hoodie to the suitable gloves, tanks, and pants. Where your offroad apparel with pride, check out our range of apparel for every kind of off-roader, from fast girls to dirt bike queens. 

Be Prepared

Your vehicle could be the best, most reliable off-roading chariot around, but it can still be beaten by the elements, the terrain, or just be having a bad day. Further, you should be prepared for potential accidents, injuries, or even getting lost on route. To help keep you safe and comfortable should the unforeseeable happen, then you want to ensure that you have sufficient supplies, gear, and kit with you. The paraphernalia will stand you in good stead should you break down, get lost, get stuck, or get injured. Some essentials to include are the appropriate offroad apparel for changeable weather, food, water, emergency lighting, bandages, and a few essential tools for repairs in case you need them. 

Be Flexible

Off-roading is all about the unexpected; things can constantly change when off-roading, whether it is the weather or route closures, or diversions. No matter what research you have done or how well you have prepared for your terrain, you should still be prepared for the unexpected and the need to be flexible in your approach. Being flexible and able to adjust your plans to adapt to change is one of the key skills you will need when off-roading. Don’t be afraid to ditch your best-laid plans. Regroup, re-evaluate and come up with a new and novel solution in an unexpected situation.

Never Go It Alone 

Your off-roading adventure can take you anywhere. In particular, it can take you places that many other people cannot go. You might find yourself exploring the desert or mountain wilderness, for example. While this is likely to be fun, exhilarating, and unforgettable, it could also be isolated and potentially dangerous. No matter how experienced you might be, no off-roader can predict everything that might go wrong or avoid all accidents and mistakes. So if you want to stay safe and get the absolute most out of your off-roading experience, then take this advice and never go it alone, regardless of how short the trip may be. There will be no fun in being stranded alone with a broken-down vehicle or injury. It is also a good idea to ensure that those who are not off-roading with you know where you are going and what time you should be expected back. 

Use A Spotter

For many, the unbridled joy of off-roading is the challenge of the terrain and the unknown. As an off-roader, you may be covering terrain that presents obstacles in front, the back, or the sides of your vehicle. Negotiating this terrain can be difficult, especially when you cannot fully see or appreciate your surroundings. A spotter is an extra pair of eyes with off-roading experience who can advise you when maneuvering unknown or taxing terrain. What is more, a spotter may be able to help prevent damage to the vehicle and keep you safe.

Buckle Up

All off-roading fast girls know that the terrain off the beaten track can be a bumpy ride, to say the least. To keep you safe and prevent unforeseen accidents, you should always ensure you remain buckled in where your vehicle permits it. 

Have Fun 

While it is undeniably true that you need to be prepared and undertake considerable planning, the most important thing you can do when off-roading is to enjoy yourself; if you want to get the most out of it, then relish the adventure, the freedom, and the fun. It is an experience like no other, and you always perform your best when you are having fun.

And if you need help preparing, we have all of your offroad apparel needs, from funny shirts to offroad hoodies and so much more.

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  • Yes!!! Well said! Nothing worse than a female that acts reckless with a hobby known for men. Have to show those boys, that girls are smart and can have just as much fun, if not more being a bad ass. Move over boys, there’s a new sheriff in town!


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