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How Fitness Ties Into Our Motto

Off-Road Vixens is on a mission to provide ladies of the motorsport and outdoor world a clothing line with "attitude." Our penchant for creating off-road apparel with functionality and style has quickly made ours the go-to brand for women's motocross apparel and other extreme sports and activities. Whether you're into Motocross, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, sand-rails, 4x4s, snowmobiles, hunting, or just getting dirty outdoors, you'll find something at our online apparel and accessories store to let you feel and look great while doing it.

An off-road vixen is any bold, adventurous female who follows the road less traveled - or shuns the road altogether! There are many off-road vixens out there, and they don't get the credit they deserve, especially in the apparel industry. Our trademarked motto of "Girls Get Dirty Too!" sends a message of respect and inclusion, but a celebration of fitness is also tied into it. Motivating girls to get outside and play hard is an integral part of what we do, and you'll see that with these select items shared in this article.

Fitness Tank Tops

The graphics on our Fitness Tank Tops collection have a lot of attitude with a mixture of vintage and modern appeal and are cut in today's trendiest styles. They can all be worn with pride at home, the gym, or any casual setting, but they are specifically designed to turn heads when outside. Show off your passion for off-road adventure and how to fit an active lifestyle has made you with any of these Fitness Tank Tops:

The Vixen Classic Tank has a timeless design made for comfort and style. The material is a 25% cotton blend that dries quickly and won't shrink from washing. Or gain maximum freedom of movement with the Road To Nowhere Tank cut in the racerback style. As with all of our Fitness Tank Tops, this print will send a message when you're active or just hanging out, but with a stylish fit that won't just hang off you.

Women's Trucker Hats

Outdoor trucker hats are a staple fashion accessory for anyone who spends time outdoors. The mesh backing allows sweat to evaporate and keep your head cool while the bill keeps the sun out of your face. Outdoor trucker hats also look fantastic, especially our Women's Trucker Hats collection. These easily tie our motto of inclusion and outdoor activities that promote fitness together and feature the iconic style of the Off-Road Vixens brand. They're also made from durable and easy-to-wash materials - helping them stay looking great longer than the gross outdoor trucker hats some guys you know wear.

Living up to its name, the Kick-Ass Distressed Trucker Hat can be rocked with many styles and is ready to accompany you on all your wild adventures. It comes in a super stylish mustard yellow, gray, and khaki color with a distressed bill and our Kick-Ass patch. There are other options in different colors without the distressed look if you so desire.

Our Women's Trucker Hats collection has many options, but if you need some neutral colors to pair with a particular outfit, consider this GGDT Trucker Hat. It features a polyester back and polyester/cotton blend front to keep you cool and dry in the summer. Above the bill, it also features our motto, "Girls Get Dirty Too!" above the brim.

But did you die? T-Shirt

Playing rough outside and getting dirty can sometimes result in harrowing experiences, but did you die? You didn't if you're reading this, and you probably won't as long as you follow common-sense and safety advice. You'll also become stronger mentally and physically - the kind of fitness regime Off-Road Vixens is all about! This secondary motto - But did you die? - is featured on some of our clothing as a fun way to highlight adventure and fun. You can find a “But did you die?” t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, or decal for your off-road vehicle on our online store. Here are some examples:

Our Baseball But Did You Die? T-Shirt provides fast fashion for any active lady. It features a 3/4 sleeve made of a soft tri-blend fabric (50% polyester) - perfect for staying cool and dry outside. This but did you die t-shirt has the Off-Road Vixens label in the corner and down one of the sleeves and can be customized to feature your name and jersey number prominently on the back. 

If the outdoor conditions dictate you wear something a little more protective than the “But did you die?” t-shirt, you'll be amply covered in the Pullover Hoodie. It's incredibly soft to the touch and similarly customizable. Instead, this one comes in sage green, or exalt your daredevil spirit in this black and pink french terry hoodie.

Fleece Tote Bag

All ladies need bags; it's a fact of nature. Off-Road Vixens carries an extensive line of Bags exclusively for Moto chics and girls who get their adrenaline flowing and burn calories off-road. Our Fleece Tote Bag varieties are stylish and functional. They also feature our motto and beliefs - the perfect tie-in for fitness when you use it to pack any outdoor essentials.

This GGDT Fleece Tote Bag is made out of our favorite hoodie, giving it the same soft feel and the "Girls Get Dirty Too!" emblazoned proudly on the front. With the Off-Road Vixens brand logo on the opposite side and plenty of room to pack everything necessary for fun outdoors, what else could you need?

Off-Road Vixens Apparel For Active Ladies

Fitness ties into our trademarked motto of "Girls Get Dirty Too!" because an active lifestyle is the most efficient way to keep healthy. We've created the go-to apparel brand for vixens who get their kicks from riding over terrain too rough for most wheels. Comfortable and functional, our clothes are meant for girls who are otherwise too hot to handle. If you're a vixen that loves off-roading, now you have more options for doing it in style when you shop at the Off-Road Vixens Online Store.

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