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Vixen Spotlight- Sierra Erdman

Sierra Erdman:


  • From Shamokin, Pennsylvania
  • 31 Years Old
  • "My grandfather, Dale Lenig and his brothers started a race track in their backyard close to 50 years ago which is now known as the Line Mountain 4-wheelers. I was born and raised on off-road racing and my two brothers really excelled in the sport."


Sierra has been Off-Road Racing for 9+ years. She tries to practice as often as she can.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Never Lift Engineering 


Some of Sierra's goals include finishing every race that she starts. As well as being able to be a positive role model for young females and help them get involved in off-road racing.


  • 1st place in my class in "Showdown in Shamokin" AOAA Park.
  • The closest I came to winning a race was always 2nd place, so for me, this was an accomplishment!

Words of Wisdom:

"Live life according to you and don't compare where you are at in life to others. Never give up on achieving your goals and don't forget to have fun while doing it."

Side Note:

Sierra is a special education teacher and she loves it!

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  • Sierra! This is awesome! So happy for you! Keep rockin’ it like you always do!!

  • Sierra is my Granddaughter and we have been racing our whole life

    Betty Lenig

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