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Vixen Spotlight- Sara Lamson

Sara Lamson:


  • From Wallace, ID
  • 41 Years Old
  • "My passion and love of the outdoors runs deep within me. I am a true four season girl and can find something to do outside, no matter the weather. I used to rifle hunt only, but thanks to my family and two very close friends (Vince and Joan with Inside Out Archery in MI) I decided to take up archery. I haven’t looked back! I love the close encounters you have with an archery hunt and I enjoy shooting in tournaments during the off season. To me, hunting is not about taking the biggest game, I hunt for many personal reasons. I never feel more alive than when I am in the sanctuary of the outdoors and it is very empowering. Big game hunting is my utmost passion, but I am looking forward to chasing new game in the next year"


Sara has been involved in archery as well as Snowmobiling and all the other outdoor activities for over 10 years. She practices as much as she can.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Cabela's
  • Lakewood Products
  • Pine Ridge Archery


Sara's goals are to "Just to keep sharing my passion to get others involved and stay involved in as much as I can." 

As well as "to get more people involved in the sport and to keep passing it along, especially women and children. I truly enjoy taking others out in the woods and getting them hooked on the outdoors. By sharing my experiences, it is my hope to inspire others to get outdoors."


Various placings at local and regional shoots

Words of Wisdom:

"For anything...just go do it. Put aside your fears and try it. Live. Laugh. Love. And Get Outdoors! Archery isn't about just hunting. You can compete in the 3D Shoots and other tournaments and develop life long friendships. Don't let the man in your life tell you to just shoot his bow. Go get fitted. Get sized. Shoot lots of different bows and find one that works for YOU. There are knowledgeable people in all sports for a reason so go seek out their help. And most of all HAVE FUN!"

Side Note:

"I'm just the girl next door. I am an avid DIY hunter, funny and outspoken, with a HUGE passion for the outdoors that I love to share with others! You can find me on FB, Twitter, and Instagram so follow along on my outdoor adventures!"

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