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Vixen Spotlight- Jessica Dodd

Jessica Dodd


  • From Powell Butte, OR
  • 22 Years Old
  • When I was young my step father was a mechanic and got me into racing motorcycles. Then when I met my fiance in college our first date was at the race track were he raced his quad. After that that's all I wanted to do was to try my hand at racing a quad."


Jessica has been participating in quadcross for 3 years. She practices at least once a month.


  • Off-Road Vixens 
  • Prineville Powersports


"My short term goals are to work on my riding technique and upgrade my quad to be better prepared for the next racing season.

I plan to take my racing as far as I can go. I am still pretty new to the sport and have lots of room to grow and improve."


I took second overall in the womens B class and would have had first had it not been for an accident. 

Words of Wisdom:

" If you are interested in riding don't let anything stop you. Whether you are new or old to the sport just go and have fun. There are great people out there who are willing to help get you started so don't be afraid to ask."

Side Note:

"I don't just ride quads either. I am also a motorcycle instructor with team Oregon and I love to go ride either my dirt bike or quad."

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