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Vixen Spotlight - Chelsea Keller-Decoteau - OFF-ROAD VIXENS CLOTHING CO.

Vixen Spotlight - Chelsea Keller-Decoteau

Chelsea Keller-Decoteau:

Moorcroft, WY

32 Years Old

What is it you do that "Breaks The Mold" Hobby/Sport wise?

Anything I set my mind to, I do it…Even if I fail, I always learn & grow, then I get right back up even stronger, smarter & more determined!

What are other hobbies/passions you enjoy?

Snowmobiling, jet skiing, 4-wheeling, kayaking, boating, camping, fishing, ice fishing, hiking, hair & makeup, anything horror/true crime…But most of all, just spending time with my family & weenie dog!

What drew you to Off Road Vixens?

First of all, I love ORV gear! I absolutely love that it is a women owned company, full of amazing, like-minded, badass, inspiring women that just go out there & do their thing!

What does being An Off Road Vixen Brand Ambassador mean to you?

I am beyond proud to be an ORV ambassador! I feel my ORV crew is more like one big family! I truly am proud to represent the brand & everything it stands for, whether it’s while riding my sled or just going to the grocery store, I am always reppin’! I’m grateful to be a part of the ORV fam & show that GIRLS GET DIRTY TOO!

What are your short term goals?

Definitely to continue to be a part of the Vixen Nation & share everything the brand stands for! I want to continue to grow & learn in everything I do!

Where do you see your future in this industry?

I see myself continuing to share my love for ORV as much as possible! I will absolutely strive to be the best I can be & take hold of every opportunity thrown my way…Always learning & growing!

Achievements / Milestones

I feel every single day is an achievement/milestone throughout all aspects of life…Each day is another opportunity to blossom & grow!

What else should our readers know about you?

I am a fun loving, adventure seeking, momma bear of 4…My husband, kids & family are my absolute world!

What are your words of wisdom to other females in the industry that are reading this?

Be you, do you, no matter what! You can do anything you set your mind to…No matter how many times you fall, get yourself back up, straighten your crown & keep going!
My family shares my love for motorsports…We take our kids riding with us as much as possible & try to help them expand their knowledge & abilities! I not only want my sons to see me out there doing my thing & know that they can do anything they set their minds to as well, but I especially want my daughter to know that she can proudly be her little spitfire self & do absolutely anything her heart desires!


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