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Vixen Spotlight- Andrea Rodgers

Andrea Rodgers:


  • From Hammondsville, Ohio
  • 13 Years Old
  • "My dad raced quads for many years. I grew up watching him race."


Andrea has been participating in harescramble quad racing for 4 years.

She either trains or rides everyday.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • Motowoz
  • Graphics by Edge
  • Jettrim
  • Advanced Sleeve
  • Precision Racing
  • Cometic Gaskets
  • Alba Racing
  • Kenda Tire
  • ATV 4play
  • Braap Tech
  • OuryGrips
  • Xplict Motorsports
  • Buckeye Mechanical
  • Lukehart Trucking


Andrea wants to win a National Championship as well as become a Womens Pro!


  •  "I won my first ever GNCC race this year at Tomahawk, NY!
  • I also raced in the first ever Kenda Full Gas ATV Sprint Enduro and placed 2nd!" 

Words of Wisdom:

"Never give up. Keep pushing and remember to have fun!"

Side Note:

"I thought my racing career was over last year when I broke my leg, but I didn't give up. I was determined to get back out there and to be competitive"

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