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Vixen Spotlight- Bobbi Bjornholt

Bobbi Bjornholt:


  • From Victoria, BC
  • 41 Years Old
  • "I was introduced to riding early on, as a little kid, but had a long hiatus of not riding. My partner, Mladen, introduced me back into riding and we still enjoy riding together and doing trips to ride in farther-away places."


Bobbi has been racing dirtbikes (Hare Scrambles / Enduro) for 10 years. She practices weekly.


  • Off-Road Vixens
  • MudHunniez


Bobbi's goals include holding her spot from last year in the top 3 this year! She would also like to travel and see other places to ride, different terrain to ride on.


  • 2013 Vancouver Island Women's champion
  • Top 3 each year since then.
  • Founding member of the MudHunniez women's' enduro team

Words of Wisdom:

"Girls get dirty too! ;)  Challenge yourself, but also, don't be too hard on yourself... keep it fun!"

Side Note:

"I've been working hard to host events with my MudHunniez teammates to promote more women to the sport of dirt riding. Often women have missed out on opportunities to ride or haven't had the best support to get comfortable on a bike. We love to support girls and women to get that chance and under the MudHunniez team name, we've been bringing together droves of ladies to ride over the past 3 years. Special thanks to Off-Road Vixens for helping us in that endeavor too!"

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