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The 10 Most Scenic ATV Trails in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest extends more than 655,000 square kilometers and is known for vast and spectacular mountains, coastlines, forests, and open areas. It is the ideal location for any woman who wants to head out and enjoy ATV trails. It is a great opportunity to spend more time outside, and soak up the general beauty the world has to offer. 

Why opt for anything standard? You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the most scenic trails in all of the Pacific Northwest. To take the guesswork out for you, we have detailed the most important information to help you get out on the best tracks in the area in no time and stay safe while you’re at it. 

Prepare For Your ATV Trails 

Before you head to the trails, you must be fully equipped with the right clothing, tools, and knowledge to have the best day and keep yourself safe.

Here at Off-Road Vixens Clothing Co., we are a business built by women for women. We offer a variety of stylish, empowering, and customizable clothes that are perfect for a day on the trails; whether you run with the jeep girls or the fast girls, there’s something for everyone. You will need to make sure you choose the most appropriate clothing for the season and the activity. There is a range of items you can choose from, for example, a black camo jacket, an offroading shirt, and an offroad hoodie. You should always opt for long sleeve tops and pants when you head out onto ATV trails. We are the go-to brand offering apparel for women who thrive in outdoor activities ranging from Motocross, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Sand-Rails, 4x4, Snowmobiles, Hunting, or just playing outdoors. 

ATV trails are serious, so you must take extra precautions to ensure you stay safe. As well as the appropriate clothing, you should also opt for eye protection, an approved helmet with a full face shield, and any other equipment you feel is necessary. In your gear, you should pack a small medical kit and make sure you know how to use it. This can be extremely helpful if you are miles out on a trail and have suffered a crash or incident, as it can provide you with short-term care until help can get to you. You may also wish to have access to a device or application that will enable you to seek help in the event of an incident and no signal. You can walkie-talkies, GPS devices, and satellite phones. You can also use apps like What Three Words, which will be able to provide emergency services with your exact location if you get stuck. 

It can be very exciting when planning an ATV trail. However, before heading out on the trails, you should always check the weather. The weather in the Pacific Northwest can range between wet winters and hot, dry summers. Knowing the weather will help you prepare for the conditions and any additional equipment you may need, such as sun protection. It will also enable you to take precautions while on the trails to limit your risks and accidents. You should also make sure you have adequate food and water with you and spare clothing in case the temperatures suddenly change. 

Vehicle safety should be of the utmost importance to you. Just like you would with your car before a long road trip, you should conduct the same checks with the ATV. If you are hiring one, they should do this before you set off. If you have your own, make sure you check the brakes are working properly, the tire pressure is up to standard, and you have enough fuel. Pack a toolkit on every day out, as you never know when you might need it. 

Make sure you take care when you are out on the trails and stay safe. Check the rules of the trails for each park that you visit to ensure you remain compliant and obtain any relevant passes. To help you remember everything, you may choose to create a checklist, so you can make sure you do not miss anything important. 

ATV Etiquette

When heading to a new trail to explore, you must be aware of the general ATV etiquette. You should research the area before you go to make sure you follow the correct rules. Some rules may differ depending on the park that you ride in. 

To do this, make sure you:

  • Yield the right of way
  • Only use designated trails
  • Respect the surrounding landscape and wildlife 
  • Clear up after yourself and don’t leave any trash 
  • Don’t make any unnecessary noises, such as overdoing the engine revving 
  • Let passers-by know how many people are in your group, so they know what to expect when you pass

The Most Scenic ATV Trails the Pacific Northwest Has To Offer

Whether you live locally or want to take a trip, here are some of the best and most scenic ATV trails in the Pacific Northwest that will guarantee the most incredible day.

#1 Washington to Naches Trail

The Washington to Naches trail is an exquisite trail with history and challenges. It starts out deep in the picturesque forests, which will slowly open out to a scenic view of mountains, open fields, meadows, and valleys. You will also get a spectacular view of Mount Rainier. The trail should take around 4 hours to complete at an average pace, as you travel approximately 12.25 miles. 

#2 Walker Valley ORV Area

Walker Valley Forest is a beautiful working forest located in Skagit Valley. There are a variety of tracks to choose from, including a double track for ATVs that extend approximately 26 miles. Enjoy the challenges of the road and the spectacular view of the forest and mountains as you work your way around the trails. It is a challenging trail known for its large boulders and big ditches but guarantees a great day out. 

#3 Oregan to Bennett Pass

Bennett Pass is a popular choice for all kinds of activities. Deep in the forests, people flock to camp, ski, and seek dirt. It is a great trail for ATV drivers of all abilities. On a clear day, you will be fortunate enough to witness the hundreds of miles of beautiful landscape, including Mount Hood. Oregon is home to some of the highest mountains, including the Blue Mountains. There are a lot of terrains to tackle, but the descent down the rocky shelves is well worth the challenge. 

#4 Juniper Dunes Area

The Juniper Dunes Area is 19,600 acres of beautiful sand that are popular for ATV trailing, slightly different from the lush vegetation in other ATV trails in the Pacific Northwest. It is split into different sections, some that are protected, while others can be used recreationally for sand riding. The sand dunes offer a beautifully remote and open location, so you can enjoy the views far and wide while you ride through the unique shrub species of the dunes and the trees. The sand tracks provide for a different and unique experience in an ATV that attracts people from all over the world. The Juniper Dunes ATV trails are suitable for all levels and are a great place to start for anyone looking to dip their toes into trail driving.

#5 Tahuya State Forest 

Hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts visit the Tahuya State Forest every year due to its beautiful landscape and the opportunities it holds for recreational activities. Tahuya State Forest offers a variety of trails that can be used. There is a 44-mile trail that is specifically designated for the exclusive use of motorized vehicles. This trail is a great adventure for all abilities, as you get to explore the depth of the forest while coming up against a variety of fun obstacles. 

Tahuya State Forest also has a range of smaller trails that can be used for picnics and camping. These are located in the forest and offer spectacular views of Aldrich Lake, Done Lake, Robbins Lake, or Twin Lakes. You can make a day of it and sit off in a quiet spot for lunch, or even make a weekend of it and set up camp.

#6 Evans Creek ORV Park

With 45 miles of designated trails, you can work your way through one of the most scenic parts of the Pacific Northwest at Evans Creek ORV Park. There is something for everyone. You can choose from rugged and narrow trails if you would like a more challenging day or a smooth and easy trail for beginners to suit your ability. Not only can you challenge yourself on these tight and twisty trails, but you will also be greeted with a magnificent and unique view of Mount Rainier. Evans Creek comes highly recommended. 

#7 Riverside State Park

Located in Nine Mile Falls, WA. Riverside State Park covers 14,000 acres of beautiful land that can be used for a variety of activities. There is a designated 600-acre area of special terrain for off-road vehicles, which are extremely popular. In these trails, you can enjoy lush wooded areas, challenging hill climbs, and fun sand-filled areas. While you enjoy the trails, you can also soak up the gorgeous views. River State Park is located alongside the Spokane and Little Spokane rivers, a vast array of wildlife, marshes, and Ponderosa pines. People come from all over to get involved in the recreational activities offered at Riverside State Park, enjoy the views, and soak up its extensive history as a significant gathering place for Native American Tribes. 

#8 Ahtanum State Forest 

Ahtanum State Forest has a variety of trails that takes you through the 75,000 acres of pure beauty. Experience beginner-friendly and challenging trails that offer spectacular views of the lakes and pine forests. Some of the trails provide you with direct access to the camping ground, as well as popular viewpoints, such as the Eagle Nest Vista. If you take the trail through here, you can expect to see a striking view of Dome Peak, the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area, and the North Fork Ahtanum drainage. 

#9 Capitol State Forest

With 150 miles of trails, you can’t afford to go wrong at the Capitol State Forest. Take your ATV through the trails of the forest, where you can ascend to dramatic views of the Puget Sound and the Olympia Mountains. You will also be able to experience gorgeous waterfalls and leaping salmon as you make your way through the forest. If you wish to make your experience more than a day, the trails are accessible from the Middle Waddel campground, which provides you with a great opportunity to extend your trip and immerse yourself in nature. 

#10 Cle Elum Ranger District 

Located in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, you can expect 400 miles of trails suitable for motorized vehicles that take you through most scenic parts of the Pacific Northwest. See the Wenatchee Mountains, the sage steppe of Central Washington, as well as dense forests, rolling hills, secluded valleys, meadows, and so much more. Cle Elum Ranger District is more than just a day on your ATV; it is an entire experience. This beautiful location offers a variety of trails, including ones that are beginner friendly. 

There are so many great ATV trails to choose from in the Pacific Northwest. 

Before heading out to your chosen ATV trail, make sure you create a plan. This plan will be based on your experience, the location, and what level of difficulty trail you wish to tackle. Make sure you include all the preparation for your day out, including clothing, food, water, safety checks, equipment, and more. You should also make sure you have a map of the trail, which you familiarize yourself, and that you are confident you have chosen the right trail for your ability. Check the official website for the park you wish to visit. Each has its own rules and requirements that need to be followed, including compliant safety equipment, roadworthy vehicles, and the relevant day pass. 

If you are looking for fun, fashionable, and, more importantly, functional clothes to protect you on the trails, check us out online. You can find great stuff like an offroading shirt that can be customized with your name, an offroad hoodie, or a black camo jacket. While you’re on the trails, remember to be respectful to others, choose ones that you feel good about, and more importantly, have fun and go fast girls! 

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