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Athlete Spotlight - Carol Smith - OFF-ROAD VIXENS CLOTHING CO.

Athlete Spotlight - Carol Smith

Carol Smith

Age: 40


Decatur, TX

Current Sponsors:

Off Road Vixens 

What sport/s do you participate in?

TCCRA and TORN Cross country dirt bike racing

What do you ride/drive for your sport?!

2021 Honda CRF250f

How long have you been competing in your sport? What got you into it?!

This is my second year. Starting racing in 2021 in pit moms( never raced before). Ended last season 3rd over all. I have family and friends that have raced for years and we have been going and supporting them so figured why not.

As a female in this industry, what are some challenges you face?

One challenge I have has is finding a bike with the power I need and want but still short enough that I feel comfortable on it. Another challenge is having enough competition in women classes in a male dominated sport. TCCRA and TORN the series I am racing this year are very supportive for women as well as all riders.

What are some of your other Hobbies?!

Doing any activities with my 2 boys. I really enjoy fishing when I get to. We stay very busy with family.

How were you introduced to Off Road Vixens?

Facebook. I am always shopping around for riding gear and of course Facebook knows everything you do, so I got an ad. Glad I did.

What are your Short Term and Long Term Goals?

-Short term goal would be to grow in the sport and be come a better competitor as it’s only my 2nd year.
-Long term goal would be to get 1st place over all in a series and help other girls see that this is a sport we can do and do very well. Showing the younger generation that we can do it and help the ladies and women classes grow to the max they can be.

What are some of your accomplishments?

2021 in my first year of racing I had 2 first places which help put me into 3rd place over all for the series. I didn’t have to move up a class but I felt to better my self and grow I needed to move up to the next class, for the competition as well as the harder tracks. Last year after my TCCRA series was over I raced a Three Amigos Race in the off season And got 1st place. This season has already started for my Torn series and I got the win.

What is your favorite thing about competing in your sport?

I am very competitive and always have been. I love just the competition as well as being a role model for the younger ladies like my niece that just started racing.

Where do you see yourself in this industry in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to have won my class overall and to be still hitting milestones as I move up in class. This year I am in the women's over 30 Amateur class, but as I grow there are intermediate, and expert classes.

What words of advice do you have for other women and girls getting involved in racing?

Best advise I can give is to be yourself. Your action speak louder than words. Push your self to do better so you can grow not only in the sport but as a person and see what you are truly made of. Never underestimate your abilities.

What is something that we don't know about you?

I am a foster parent. My husband and I have adopted 2 boys and possible have a third child coming in a few months. It’s a very hard road but well worth it to provide these little humans a loving home. My graphic will always have the adoption symbol and my children's names as I truly compete to show them you can do anything you work for.
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